I'm not going to talk about Oliver's talent or passion for photography, simply because that's something you'll clearly see once you meet him, yet in numbers, we maybe didn't like 2 or 3 of Oliver's pictures during the 3 years we've worked with him, shooting an average of a 110 new challenging products every two weeks, today we have around 8000 stunning pictures in our library, and we're still counting...

Issam Habbal, Account Manager, Globe Advertising

Honestly, I didn’t expect the results to be this amazing.  Oliver’s photos really expressed the hidden beauty of the buildings and showed them all as Architectural master pieces.  Oliver is a young talented and enthusiastic professional photographer, I was very glad to have worked with him and would definitely approach him for future projects.  I highly recommend Oliver to all professional architecture firms.

Mohamed Nabil, Professional Associate, Senior Architect, Henningson Durham Richardson International Inc. Architects

Oliver is one of the few professional photographers who manages to capture the beauty of the natural clean and aerodynamic lines and angles of modern aircraft. In addition to that however, he succeeds in showing the human-machine connection in his pictures. And his sense of light and perspective is outstanding. I can highly recommend his work.

Paul van der Blom, Business Development Director Middle East, ExecuJet Aviation Group